Will you stop failing today?

There are people who fail every day with everything they do – their groundbreaking projects, killing ideas, the plans to conquer the world next week, house cleaning routines. Do you feel yourself among them? Aren’t you tired to death with this? I hope, you are, because then you have a chance.

You know, there are tons of brilliant books on personal development, effective time management, starting the business, loosing weight, cooking. Maybe the number of people who truly implemented these profound advices is not much less than the number of books. Why?

Because people are lazy. Lazy to care about our weak health, our precious family and our dear children, lazy to care about our exhausted planet. We always have something “more important” and we don’t give ourselves a chance to think deeper (or even just to think).

We are lazy to think and lazy to take action. We fail and never try to fail better.

Laziness has become our second self. It is not natural – can you remember a child too lazy to play? We let ourselves to be lazy all this time. It is our worst habit. The kiss of death so cherished and fostered. It is leading us to the point of no return. Think of those who started to panic about their health when they were left without it? Where were they all the years before.

Time to take action is not “someday”. “Someday” never comes, it is a proven fact. Time to take action is now.

Are you still here?

“So this folk thinks his words can move me out of my Aeron chair?” You’re right. The words can’t.

It is you who can. And, believe me, it is only you.

You are responsible for your life. Wherever you are, you are there because you let yourself to be there. Possibly you are not agree with this.

Then the time has come to take responsibility over your life. Or you prefer never ending self-punishment and regrets?

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People ARE lazy, we truly explore and develop our laziness like no other state of mind, we expand it to any kind of day-to-day activity and integrate it deeply in our schedules. We thoroughly sublimate laziness with kinds of “unnecessary work to be done”, trying to fool not just everybody around but ourselves in the first place.

Is it surprise for anyone? Don’t think so. Is it hard to cope with? Definitely. Why so? It IS pretty natural. Like any sportsman experiences weakness in muscles after hard training due to the accumulation of lactic acid, so any person expresses lazy behavior as a weakness of mind. So let’s name the main distortion for an intellectual activity – the stress it is. Thats our major enemy. People not just used to be stressed, we fear its inevitability while still trying to manage with it as hard stubborn and as signing a contract with a devil. That fight exhaust us, especially due to the fact that very few men and women know how to do that right and even less of them are capable of exploiting that knowledge.

Yet, hell, what we gonna do?! Should we read all the books on “how to beat the stress”? Or should we all turn to Buddhism or try having all our work done while in a dolphin pose? I’d say we can reconcile ourselves with the fact that laziness is just a state of mind, not a way of life, but truly BENEFICIAL ACTIVITY that can be RETARGETED.

Sounds a bit awkward as it’s been stated, but lots of us indeed exploit that method widely! I know it’s pretty naive to mention the famous scientist and engineers whose genius inventions and theories were the outcome of their laziness to use complex and complicated principles that were imposed by early assumptions and achievements, but hey, genes are just genes, aren’t they. I can imagine that by simply using a wrist trainer while watching a TV show or wash a couple of dishes at commercials one can manage some boring routine such as housekeeping and physical exercises! Just a rough and rather stupid example but it’s not so hard to extrapolate that idea, isn’t it? To archive more one should work more, thats no doubt about that, thus building serious projects needs so much more things to do and so much time not being lazy, right? Wrong! My point is, if you spent some of your precious time while brushing teeth (switching TV channels, walking you dog, etc.) on planning, estimating, thinking over your project, so not only you’ll get a brief overview of things to be done, but you’ll be able to sort those things in a way that offers you to “lazy-work” on them, meaning to do part of your project that suits your current lazy mood. Would you prefer to lay back on your favourite sofa and lazy-work on your next milestone ideas, or do you feel like having a cup of coffee in a small restaurant over to the park so that you can lazy-work on reports or browse your mail?

In any case positive thinking do can save th? day. So… YOU are the master of your world, so LAZY if that’s what you want and need! But do it BENEFICIALLY. ;)

You’ve got the point.

Retargeting the laziness can be a holy grail,
especially for productivity geeks.

Even retargeting the state of being lazy to
retarget laziness can be beneficial, I think.

We should sell this idea ;)

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