Human Essentials Forgotten – Suffering

Unfortunately, suffering is in the intrinsic part of a human. Yet this fact is somewhat forgotten today and especially in business.

It is ridiculous when someone stricken by a food poisoning endures pain just because she is afraid of being treated as a fake.

It is even more ridiculous when employee cannot stay at home nursing a sick spouse because “firm is more important than family”.

It is absurd when a professional who decided to change his job to be able to spend more time with children is disrespected and called a renegade.

I think these are not a single instances. The suffering causes more suffering when you are trying to alleviate it. Something has gone wrong.

I see following problems:

  • People are treated as interfaces providing a functionality, not as a human beings. It has become a common view within today’s consumer society.
  • Suffering is considered unnatural and nearly as an act of sabotage.
  • The spiritual values are progressively depreciated. The higher the stakes the lower the moral.

My point can be summarized in the following: to overcome such serious problems we need to think intensively about improving the global education system.

Why education? Because today’s education tends to reinforce the problems. I’m scared when I look at students who believe the goal of education is graduation. The goal of education is to become a human. It is mostly overlooked today even in prestigious universities. Now imagine what’s with the village schools.

It’s we who have almost unlimited power compared to people living beyond the poverty line, we are responsible for the future.

It is totally disappointing to see that today’s financial crisis and other crises are being used as an excuses for inactivity and shifting the blame. “Everything’ s bad and going worse, so why should I do anything?”. It is inadmissible to think this way.

Do you prefer to give up instead of living the life you are dreaming of? Most people who have unlimited power do.

If you do not, engage in the social movement. Start taking action today.

The actions:

  • Contribute by yourself. Resolve to achieve humanness. Rethink your frame of reference.
  • Teach. If you are a parent, then the most important thing you can do is teaching your children the right way.
  • Change little things. They are of most importance. I suppose you feel more resistance when it is about changing a small things, act locally, than it is about a whole. The more resistance you feel the more important is to overcome this resistance.
  • Forgive people. You are responsible.
  • Spread the word. The easiest action you can take. With today’s tremendous level of people interconnections word-of-mouth became very powerful.

Never give up!

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