Rethinking Education Pt.1: Do We Have a Problem?

Millennium Developmental Goals atlas published by World Bank lists achieving universal primary education as the most important goal after eradicating poverty and hunger.

In the next 30 years, according to UNESCO, the global education system is about to be under a significant pressure. More people will be educating then the whole number of educated people since the history of education had started.

What the world will look like highly depends on the quality of education.

Education system exists and it is working all over the world, so the question arises: “Do we need any changes to be made in education system?”

I think, we do need a change.

  1. We need education to educate thinking leaders.
  2. We need education to develop every individual to her full potential.
  3. We need education to bring compassion and responsibility in our souls.
  4. We need education to bring green thinking and care about the nature.
  5. We need education to resist crises thoughtfully.
  6. We need education to step over the money power.
  7. We need education to make a human life valuable.
  8. We need education to stop violence and greed.
  9. We need education to stop war.
  10. We need education to cure the diseases.
  11. We need education to stay human.

Current educational institutes are not enough for these.

Financial crisis shows the color gamma of society’s inability to meet the big scale problems:

  • Unemployment gone wild
  • Deflation is knocking at the door
  • All for money
  • Living on bread and water
  • Nobody cares about people
  • Politicians blowing hot and cold
  • The end justifies the means
  • We need stability, but what can we do?
  • We need to reduce risks, but nobody knows how
  • The markets are uncontrollable
  • World economics is about to collapse

These phrases are likely to show up in the news headlines. Don’t they?

The situation speaks for the bankruptcy of present education system as well. Why? Because this system had produced today’s world leaders and today’s society.

Leading photo by BaLLYoOo.

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