Prepare For The Crisis

Should we feel secure and comfort?

As being said among analysts, the worst lies ahead, many layoffs will be occurring all around after the New Year – in January and February. Even Google is said to layoff.

Are you ready for this? Are your friends ready for this?

Day after day TV shows people already left without employment but with debts and mortgages. “What do they gonna do?” is the unanswered question. What would you do walking in their shoes?

I believe, we can adapt this changes. Remember Who Moved My Cheese? Money are not disappearing, they are being reallocated. So should we – reallocate our own resources, reconfigure our activities, step out of comfort zones, that are going to drown.

Some of us will be as always paralyzed be fears, but I believe you will not.

Assume, we got a month to prepare. Is it too late? Don’t think so.

What I personally am going to do to prepare for the storm? Two strategies in Top10 format (as Guy Kawasaki teaches), on practice I will mix them.

Strategy I (rational):

  1. Take the situation as a challenge.
  2. Let bygones be bygones.
  3. Learn from the history. There is a great deal of books, e.g. discussing the Great Depression.
  4. Monitor what is happening around, anticipating the events.
  5. Have all data at the fingertips to be able to react quickly.
  6. Look out for people who succeeded in resisting the crisis and learning from their experience.
  7. Rethink current cash flow in favor of being flexible, e.g. not making any loans.
  8. Establish direct relationships with producers, e.g. farmers, water suppliers and so on – excluding the resellers.
  9. Become a producer myself.
  10. Help people around – there is always someone in need more than you do.

Strategy II (philosophical):

  1. Life is what I personally value at most.
  2. All these houses, dresses, statuses, jobs, talks .. make no sense indeed.
  3. Having no success in this place? Move to another – trial and error.
  4. Love and only love. Even if my own plans are gone for a burton.
  5. There is a challenge, why not to take a dare?
  6. Whatever happens, stay a human. “Hard times” is not a reason to give up humanness.
  7. Live proactively. Remember Viktor Frankl‘s lessons from Man’s Search for Meaning.
  8. Hope. There is always a book of blank pages, as Romain Gary said in Les enchanteurs.
  9. Stay simple – do not be overcomplicated and fearful.
  10. Be grateful for what you have.

What do you think?

Further actions:

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Some great and valuable links here! Well… as always )
You really interested me in Man’s Search for Meaning. Seems to be a “must read” kind of book.
I’m pretty much agree with your theses on the subject. The way I’d put it is fairly simple and can sounds a bit flippantly, but as far as I’m concerned the main outcome for a regular person in current situation can be just keeping clear mind and stopping thinking too much about things that one is unable to influence on.


Yes, the decision to stop brain blowout when you are unable to alter the situation is of much importance.

And yes, Man’s Search for Meaning is a kind of a life changing book.

Check the impressing post on Lifehacker about books that changed lives for more.

Thanks for advice! I’ve looked through the comments on the post you mentioned and already have signed in some good books into my wish-list. ;)

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