Productivity: What Do We Really Want?

Do all the people who write about productivity want to change me?

Or do they want me to change?

Can hardly believe. They do not care about me. What they care about is them.

But why I still do read all this articles, tweets, books, emails, blogs, messages, listen to talks, discussions, conferences, podcasts, watching videos? What makes me being addicted?

It is the feeling of being productive that appears while I’m reading, watching, listening — consuming the media.

What I ultimately want, thus, (and I’m sure I’m not alone with this wish) is – irrespective of the medium, carrying information – is a big red slicky button:

I virtually click it every time I dig through Lifehacker or ZenHabits. I can indeed be distracted from the real work doing this, but the feeling can be better then the work. And if it is so, one can forget the true productivity, I think.

When you’ve got a mission, you care about your productivity from the inside.

When you’ve got a job you can be productive from the outside.

Do you think David Allen or Steve Jobs or Tony Robbins or Robert De Niro or Al Gore spend their days reading mediocre/average articles about another “5 Effective Ways to Get the Things Done”?

Productivity problem induced growing market, induced the leaders, induced books, induced geeky stuff, induced a special humor even. And all is about solving the productivity problem.

But what if once upon a time it would be solved? What if the red[substitute your favorite color] slicky button will be invented and everyone will be able to put it on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Facebook, Rolex, Hammer H49, sun glasses with eye tracking, blah-blah [choose yours] and will be able to click it whenever she wants?

How many good people will lose their jobs, their passion, their income streams, their communication’s core? That would be a change. How many of them will accept the change, adapt to it? How may of them will be acting against?

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Good post, i should say!
The theme can be refered as eternal, but sometimes it grows up to be correlating with happyness. It is really serious.
Well, i rememeber one perfect book about happyness. It claimed that happyness consists of several levels, the best one can be achived only by creativity.
So, what is productivity? I think we should consider this within some context, because if we think about productivity as something abstract, we’ll fall into a trap. Let me show this.
Happyness is something private, something that closely depends on the man. There is no happyness for all. Happyness is always a happyness of John or Mary. So, it is strongly useless to think about happyness for all, there is no such object in human nature.
So as productivity. I think it is private too.
To measure the productivity we should have a man, a field, a start point, a time interval, a result, results of other people in the same field, a happyness, a judge.
It is hard, isn’t it? And what is an objective of such measurement? It is completely useless for others.
Each man has his own way of living, own way of happyness, own way of productivity.
He or she is building themselves being under influence of someone example, but making their own solutions every second (or millisecond).
So, what is at the end?
Prodictivity of man is a myth! (There can be a productivity of plant or bakery or something else). There is only happyness. And creativity. As the way to happyness. Spend your time learning how to be a creative. And do a perfect work for the world. No, for the Universe.


General methods working for everyone are mere illusions.
Same applies to sports – when people think repeating champion techniques will make them champions.

Seems, only very personal, very private, as you say, methods have a chance to work.

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