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In The Name Of Stay At Home Moms And Dads

You are true heroes of present day. Your mission is most important and most valueble of all. You save the future. You decided to devote the major part of your life and time to your children. You deny yourself everything. You do not work for money. Your life is a constant battle. Sometimes you want [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.7: Basics Are Out Of Date

We are educating ourselves in outdated context, for many years. What is context? It is a set of principles we act and think within. E.g. “education requires graduation” or “education is learning subjects”. We do usually not think about it. And I think there is a very complex problem. The context is now out of [...]

The Biggest Status Quo

There is a status quo that is maintained everywhere and it is the biggest one: The world is divided on winners and losers. This monochrome “don’t make me think” thinking is everywhere. Look at the list of things where it applies “very naturally”: People (applied to every aspect of human life) Countries Occupations Companies Products [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.6: Learn From Nature

In the talk at Apple Education Leadership Summit Sir Ken Robinson revealed some quite important numbers. (Watch the video at Edutopia.) Let me share it very quickly. There was a divergent thinking test carried out three times with a same group of children as they were growing up. The numbers show the percentage of kids [...]

Applying 80/20 Rule to Education

Here is my list: 80% of real-life situation can be successfully handled based upon only 20% of the knowledge we acquire at schools. 20% of world’s educational institutions obtain 80% of financing. 80% of all innovations in education are implemented by 20% of schools. 20% of subjects get 80% of teachers. 80% of teachers’ attention [...]