Towards a World of Passion

World of passion is a world where everyone lives according to her/his passion. I think, each occupation, each profession historically came into existence due to particular person’s passion.

After time, however, it turns out that original passion fades away and new people of same occupation work for another reasons, such as money, status, respect, tradition etc.

This process is somewhat overlooked. But apparently we see more and more people in search of themselves. I think it is not a kind of latest fashion. Rather it is the natural tendency amplified by evidence of opportunities in abundance. It can be argued that people will prefer doing nothing, having this the society just cannot stay alive. I doubt this is right.

Every human indeed is better than he looks like. He just needs a chance. A chance to discover the passion.

Here the education comes in. Yes. The ultimate goal of education is to help one to discover a passion inside. The only way one can achieve self-actualization and reach the full potential — through passion. I believe, education with this goal implemented is possible.

Every child is said to be unique. Unarguable. But why then they all are educated the same way? And still many are surprised when something goes wrong after such education.

Buried in information and manipulation we don’t have time to think. To think about the most important things. Why everyone is so impressed of Randy Pausch last lecture and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Farewell Letter? Because they had spoken about the most important. Most important is always most hard.

The tragedy is how we do not let the children to think. We struggle, so should they? Of course not. Still it is not obvious for many out there.

I believe, the world where everyone lives arm in arm with passion is a world of justice. And the way to the world of passion is not a bloody one. Although many think the only way to the better world is through murder, I can’t think this way and never will. If the end justifies the means, than the means were the only objective.

The way to the world of passion is lying though rethinking the education.

Stay in touch, I will continue the topic. If you are with me in this quest, I ask you to share this thoughts the way you prefer (talk, print, bookmark, email, whatever).

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