Creativity, Fear and Comfort Zone

Few thoughts, that literally are changing my life these days.

The fear has status of comfort zone.

When we try to overcome fear, our subconscious mind resists. It resists because fear is a habit formed by years started in the very childhood. We are OK to have fear. It became very natural.

The fear to be creative is of this kind. Seth Godin said: “The enemy of creativity is fear…In the long run, the enemy of fear is creativity. I’m sure of it.” I completely agree with his words. 

But we need to distinguish between fear that stops us from reaching our dreams and awe that is leading us into true creativity. I believe that is the essence of Daniel’s words.

Fear is about “you better do not take this action” – it is an indicator of an action you must take.

Awe is about “your action is not enough” – it is an indicator of right direction.

One of best practices to move out of “fear included”-comfort zone is indeed very simple. Every productivity coach will tell you about it. Still I want to repeat it here. 

It has two steps:

  1. Imagining yourself as an ultimately creative person. Drawing a picture of your absolute creativity in your mind.
  2. Giving the creativity a place of residence. Special notebook, blog, margins of a book. A place exclusively for creativity.

Some day… in the long run, creativity would become a comfort zone.

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“Awe” is a good word for it. The ultimate humility that you feel when you experience awe is very easy to confuse with fear. Often, when you think you fear something, you are really just intimidated and humbled by it. That is the time to push past the “fear”, and see how far your creativity can take you.

Thanks, Daniel!

This is exactly what I have meant.

The confusion is very hard to deal with.
Two feeling are too close and the mind is paralyzed too quickly.

Frankly, the mind “wants” to be paralyzed. It is so convenient
and so familiar.

well-1 my mind, it is a case of many people whenever it comes to the fact that they buy or have a special place where to throw down their creative ideas and so, creativity/thoughts/muse disappears! rather often. once i even managed to write down this thought of mine – that you as if wane, you cool down while turning the pages, seeking for your pen, opening your blog page. or what can you call it? fake inspiration? fake creativity? people feel awe nowadays? do they really do?
made me look it up in a dictionary for better explanation of what i mean:
an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures.
things have been simplified and(but) to feel awe supposes some ethical,moral,intellectual limits&principles.

well-2, my mind is already paralyzed with all that ambiguous, relative and confusing things just the world and a man are themselves.


thank you!

Ay said “do people feel awe nowadays?”

That’s the whole reason I make art… seeking the awe!


Brilliant words!


I remember I decided once to have creativity morning.
I prepared all the stuff, fancy notebook, pens, special dress
and so on… and when that morning came – nothing happened.
No creativity. At all.

To my mind it doesn’t mean that is was useless or harmful.
It only meant “try again” for me.
With some changes maybe, but try again.

@vp: The writer Annie Dillard talks about keeping a strict schedule for writing: most of the time nothing happens, but you have to be ready and waiting with your pen for when it does.

@Daniel: Thanks for the reference. For me, not only
one should be waiting for the inspiration, but one should
actively work whether “something happens” or not.
Stephen Pressfield has written profoundly about that
in “War of Art”.

Fascinating discussion that was sparked by Seth Godin’s post. I just happened to stumble across it today. I followed several blog comments that referenced the quote and ended up here.

Fear is something I struggle with and it can be a real hindrance to “my art”. Art as Godin defines in his book “Linchpin”.

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