Rethinking Education Pt.4: Teach Me To Think

When I was at school and then first three years at university I had absolutely no doubt that I am being educated properly.

On my third university year I was at the top of that and already got a nice job. Everything looked fine until I asked myself a simple question: “Is it all I want from my life?

Soon I came to realize that having all my dreams I am bound to fail. I started to look around and noticed that this situation was a default. The education system produces people who are foredoomed to fail, with rare exceptions.

It pushed me to discover the brilliant books on mind, thinking and education. (And that was partially a reason why I am now working on computational intelligence.)

There is striking thought: nobody never taught me how to think, how to memorize things, how to search for the new ways of doing things. Furthermore, I have never heard student asking a teacher “teach me to think, please“.

It is supposed that we all already know how to think, how we think. Why? It is a big, huge mistake.

I am sure, people think differently on physical, neuron level. This difference brings the astonishing diversity of intelligence. And this is completely overlooked in education. And most importantly, in primary education.

Do you remember the first writing lessons? Handwriting lessons. I think you know handwriting is a mirror of psyche. (There are interesting studies on handwriting analysis.) I’m quite sure it is true for kids as well. Do you remember your teacher analyzing your handwriting and saying “Look kid, it seems you are born to be great musician/artist/politician/…”? Or maybe your classmates’ ones?

If my handwriting was “bad” no-one ever asked me why am I doing it “bad”, no-one. I was just punished and pushed to do once again until it would be “good”.

What is important? To meet the requirements? Or to discover the inner talent, the passion, the personal way of thinking?

We have to rethink education.

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