Rethinking Education Pt.5: Educating Health

There are healthy people in the world, frankly. 

Living healthy is the skill. This skill is learnable like any other skill. Why don’t we teach it all over the world? Is it less important than maths, biology or history?

In recent years great movement had started to encourage children to live healthy: Team for Kids. They are great people and they are making change. But it is obviously not enough. 

What we really need is implementing the concept of healthy school.

Teachers have a permission to talk to children. We should realize that teacher has much more responsibilities than we used to think.

Sometimes I see people talking about health in all seriousness. But very few of them are looking healthy — some are swollen, some are nervous, some are drunk, some are addicted to pills, some are politicians — will you trust their words? Will your children trust their words?

Sometimes I see capmaigns against smoking that are bound to fail, because they are mediocre, with no passion inside.

Children need examples, real-world people, stories. Not slogans. A cancer-fighter life story worth all the slogans together.

Leading photo by rafamerchan

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