Applying 80/20 Rule to Education

Here is my list:

  • 80% of real-life situation can be successfully handled based upon only 20% of the knowledge we acquire at schools.
  • 20% of world’s educational institutions obtain 80% of financing.
  • 80% of all innovations in education are implemented by 20% of schools.
  • 20% of subjects get 80% of teachers.
  • 80% of teachers’ attention is given to 20% of students.
  • 20% of schools determine the 80% of education’s social image.
  • 80% of learning time is devoted to 20% of tasks.
  • 20% of worlds’ citizens get 80% of educational efforts.
  • 80% of education is left-brained, less than 20% is right-brained, the rest is no brain at all.
  • 20% of small educational mistakes cause 80% of big life failures.

Prove me wrong.

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