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Rethinking Education Pt.5: Educating Health

There are healthy people in the world, frankly.  Living healthy is the skill. This skill is learnable like any other skill. Why don’t we teach it all over the world? Is it less important than maths, biology or history? In recent years great movement had started to encourage children to live healthy: Team for Kids. [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.4: Teach Me To Think

When I was at school and then first three years at university I had absolutely no doubt that I am being educated properly. On my third university year I was at the top of that and already got a nice job. Everything looked fine until I asked myself a simple question: “Is it all I [...]

zyOzy and ‘Rethinking Education’

Have you heard about zyOzy? Have you heard about most significant problems of the present: extreme poverty, hunger, lack of drinking water, lack of primary education, gender inequality, child mortality, mortal diseases and others? The UN Millennium Developmental Goals are about solving these problems. zyOzy is a social movement aimed at making the Millennium developmental [...]

Creativity, Fear and Comfort Zone

Few thoughts, that literally are changing my life these days. The fear has status of comfort zone. When we try to overcome fear, our subconscious mind resists. It resists because fear is a habit formed by years started in the very childhood. We are OK to have fear. It became very natural. The fear to [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.3: Who Is Responsible?

The world shows strong demand on vulgarity. And this demand is growing very fast. The people claim their rights to be immoral and indifferent. The market responds immediately. Why? Because we have educated them this way. They had no chance. Who is responsible for this? It is easy and generally accepted to blame the system: ”What can I do? [...]