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Towards a World of Passion

World of passion is a world where everyone lives according to her/his passion. I think, each occupation, each profession historically came into existence due to particular person’s passion. After time, however, it turns out that original passion fades away and new people of same occupation work for another reasons, such as money, status, respect, tradition [...]

Test Your Personal Power

A little bit of weird humor today. Very simple system. You can implement it or just imagine. Let’s say you enter the crowded place and talk to the first person who comes along. Say something like this: “Hi. I want to completely change your beliefs“. Here are possible reactions that determine your personal power: “No. [...]

Water And Life

Of course I wish I were in school. I want to learn to read and write…. But how can I? My mother needs me to get water. Yeni Bazan, age 10, El Alto, Bolivia. Quote rewritten from HDR2006. Today I would like to share some water-related facts we should be familiar with. Access to water [...]