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6 Stages Of Personal Development

I am! I will be! I could have been I was I will never be Mm.. I don’t remember!

Rethinking Education Pt.10: How To Change The World

How to change the world choking with human-made problems? I often hear smart people talking about terminal decisions, about physical elimination of “bad companies” and certain people. They believe that it will change the world, that the end justifies the means. That we have to shed blood over this paradise on Earth. What a terrible [...]

United ProfaNations

TV screams about unconventional weapons being used in Gaza. It reveals the truth: there are conventional weapons that can be used against civilians – no problem. There is UN convention about that. Here it is — the policy of double standards — the core of UN, its essential thing. UN is bankrupt since 1945, since [...]

Answering Davos Question

“What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place?” The Davos question. Meaningless one indeed. Because nobody who’s got those mystical knobs and handles that can make a world a better place will ever care of my miserable thoughts. “Countries and companies should disappear, [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.9: Kinesthetic Literacy

Do you remember your first physical education lessons? I don’t. And I know why — I haven’t learnt anything from it. Teacher said “run” and we ran. Teacher said “chin-up” and we did it. Teacher said “play volleyball” and we started playing. There was no learning by any means, all these years. There was training. [...]