Rethinking Education Pt.8: Sudbury School

If you work in education you possibly have heard about Sudbury model of democratic schools.

I write about it because today many people think that ideas on “rethinking education” had appeared only few years ago, together with new educational tools etc. It is not true in fact.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia article:

Sudbury Model schools are generally structured to provide maximum personal freedom and independence to students, in a caring environment. The schools do not accept that the bulk — or any significant aspect — of human education depends on study or teaching, and as such do not encourage students in these activities or give them any special significance. The schools rely on the free market of ideas, and free conversation and interplay of people, to provide sufficient exposure to all the realms of knowledge usually formally introduced in traditional schools.

First Sudbury school was founded in 1968 in search for the best ideas for educating young people.

Look at this quick list of fact about Sudbury model:

  • No segregation by age
  • Students are free to use their time
  • Classes are organized by interests
  • Teacher is an adviser just when he is asked for
  • Students are learning at their own pace, they are not being taught
  • There is no evaluation at all
  • All activities are voluntary

Looks very similar to many modern ideas. Isn’t it?

There are many people across the Earth who is involved in making a better education for our children. We should not overlook each over. We should not blindly reject ideas from the outside. We should be open-minded. We should communicate. We should act in synergy.

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Check out Progressive Education on UTube just to see how long we haven’t done what we know to be true.

Thank you.

Just did it following link from Twitter :)

John Dewey’s words about future are almost identical
to Sir Ken Robinson’s words from his TED talk.

Learning by doing is known to be the
most effective learning method since ancient
China, yet it is the most overlooked method
in present education. Paradox?

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