Answering Davos Question

“What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place?”

The Davos question. Meaningless one indeed. Because nobody who’s got those mystical knobs and handles that can make a world a better place will ever care of my miserable thoughts.

“Countries and companies should disappear, individuals should appear” is my answer. Ina called this an anarchy, but it’s not really the case.

I believe “making the world a better place” is about making people happier. Countries and companies make “certain” people happier — they have nothing to do with the world.

The power played low-down trick on countries and companies. They turned away from people. People disappeared for them. Governments do not care about people, they care about numbers, gross domestic products, discount rates, scales of living — statistics that never deal with life, with human beings.

Those sitting in luxury offices and making “world-changing” decisions on a daily basis have no idea about what life looks like in this world. No idea.

Even millennium developmental goals are about numbers — that’s because only numbers we can measure.

But not only the things we can measure do make sense. I think rather the opposite holds.

Everything should find its way back to people. People, individual people, should appear. They are not a soil, not a test animals, not an expendable materials, not an ideas. They are alive… as yet.

Countries and companies are to be transparent without a question.

Is this really an utopia? Possibly yes — “Time is linear. Memory’s a stranger. History’s for fools. Man is a tool in the hands of the great God Almighty”.

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