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Rethinking Education Pt.13: Religion And Education

I have a tricky question for you: when transforming education should we also transform religious education? How about bringing in more creativity, more freedom, more revolutionary ideas, innovations, radical rethinking and paradigm shifts? What do you think? Share your vision, please. (I sincerely wonder what Sir Ken would answer.) Our system of public education is [...]

Recent Education Related Links

A few links about education. Worth looking at. Sudbury Schools: Rethinking Education, for a Change – great post and thoughtful discussion Rethinking Schools – publisher of educational materials Creativity is Dead, Ken. . . – clever critics on teaching creativity in classrooms A Question of Creativity – another discussion on creativity in classrooms Education Reform [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.12: One More Dimension Please

Good thing about different dimensions is that they do not complete with each other. It is meaningless to compare body temperature with colour of the eyes or with the language one speaks, isn’t it? And it is meaningless to deny multidimensional nature of things. But we do. Imagination and reasoning are different dimensions. Creativity and [...]

Pineapples And The Very Big Difference

Do you like pineapples? Do you remember the taste? Surely you do, even if you’ve tasted it only once. And you can easily recognize delicious pineapple among average ones — instantly, in a twinkling of an eye. We have the ability to recognize. And it seems that recognition is a function that does not depend [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.11: Days of Discovery

We own our discoveries. Discoveries stay while perceptions are already gone. Understanding is always a discovery. We value years of experience because we implicitly (or explicitly for some HR people) feel that probability of discovering and understanding the things increases with years. I remember one mathematical analysis lecture where professor told us the truth: he [...]