Rethinking Education Pt.11: Days of Discovery

We own our discoveries. Discoveries stay while perceptions are already gone. Understanding is always a discovery. We value years of experience because we implicitly (or explicitly for some HR people) feel that probability of discovering and understanding the things increases with years. I remember one mathematical analysis lecture where professor told us the truth: he understood the analysis only after 20 years of teaching.

Discovery is always on the edge — it is always an act of creativity.

Many people do not understand physics because at school they had no chance to discover how things work. All people understand the language they talk because they all have discovered the language… and we don’t learn to speak native languages at schools. The problem with foreign languages is obvious.

Discovery cannot be boring. It is remarkable by definition. Days at school are boring more often than not. Days of discovery are so rare among them. But we need days of discovery. Unforgettable days. The ultimate sources of stories we will keep on telling as years go by.

Is it so impossible to create conditions, environments, situations that favour and reinforce discoveries? I don’t think so. If you look at any successful scientific community you will notice that it is successful because it maintains comunication leading to situations of discovery. Could this be a model to use in schools? Surely. The only difference is the way of communication and the way of leadership. Communication can be fixed easily. Leadership not.

For one more time I conclude that there are all sorts of knowledge necessary for transforming education and much more we can come up with. Only thing that lacks is leadership.

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