Pineapples And The Very Big Difference

Do you like pineapples? Do you remember the taste? Surely you do, even if you’ve tasted it only once. And you can easily recognize delicious pineapple among average ones — instantly, in a twinkling of an eye.

We have the ability to recognize. And it seems that recognition is a function that does not depend on the nature of input: it can be fruits, images, political speeches, languages, toothpastes, gestures and so on.

But in practice the precision of recognition differs very significantly for different inputs. How many times in history we’ve been fooled be politicians. But we’ve never been fooled by fruits. It is worth to think about this.

On the tip of iceberg, I think, is one very big difference. Our perception of taste is not affected by sophisticated belief systems and social interdependencies.

It is pure intuition, and it works — that is very important point. We don’t need any deliberate logical reasoning to make conclusions about taste of pineapple, we don’t need to ask for advice, we don’t need to die in the name of our perception, we don’t need to vote to recognize the best.

Leading photo by disneymike

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oh come on, haven’t you at least once been fooled by fruits? sincerely, let me think of some most delusive fruits .. persimmon?watermelon?even pears? of course, we get less fooled because we may smell it, touch it, keep in our arms, choose that is the key. and rely on our politicians’ case we cannot choose, in our country esp. so intuition is set aside.
by the way, women don’t need any logical reasoning at all whatever they do ;

I don’t remember being fooled by fruits on a regular basis :)
From time to time – surely, but this is like optical illusions –
works only the first time.

I have a feeling that intuition can’t be set aside instantly: people
have to train, to learn, to work hard to disable intuition. And here
we have tremendous success.

I’m not sure about women :) I love them just the way they are.

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