Rethinking Education Pt.12: One More Dimension Please

Good thing about different dimensions is that they do not complete with each other. It is meaningless to compare body temperature with colour of the eyes or with the language one speaks, isn’t it?

And it is meaningless to deny multidimensional nature of things. But we do.

Imagination and reasoning are different dimensions. Creativity and literacy are different dimension. But within our education systems we work hard to reduce dimensions, to simplify ourselves, to cut out everything uncommon.

It is a known fact that dimension reduction is irreversible operation. Education is irreversible too.

Education should give us new dimensions (at least one more dimension) — and never reduce what we have in an irreversible way.


Obviously there are many ways, many new dimensions. The key is not in following “how-to” guides but in being focused on finding new dimensions. From my teaching experience I know that it’s very difficult to have any kind of focus at all, let alone new dimensions.

But that’s the challenge we should take in every single teaching effort.

Leading photo by A@lbi

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