Rethinking Education Pt.13: Religion And Education

I have a tricky question for you: when transforming education should we also transform religious education?

How about bringing in more creativity, more freedom, more revolutionary ideas, innovations, radical rethinking and paradigm shifts?

What do you think? Share your vision, please. (I sincerely wonder what Sir Ken would answer.)

Our system of public education is about 250 years old. And today we think it is mostly outdated and irrelevant.

Our religions are much older. Maybe they are outdated too? Or maybe we are blind to the religion now?

What we see today is religion becoming yet another instrument in political toolbox. The relation of society and religion, I think, can be described as following: “religion is taken into consideration”. We keep up appearances.

It is somewhat forgotten that religion for a long time was in the basis of thinking and in the basis of education. Now it is a representative of a grand status quo.

I’m not trying to say that we all should turn to monks and live respectively. My message is we should not overlook the religion. It is a great power. And we see how easily it can be used to make people suffer.

But there is other way, the way of Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa.

Thus, the big challenge appears: the challenge of understanding how should we implement religious education, what should it look like, what the religion itself should look like, asking the questions of Martin Luther once again, after 500 years.

Time has come to think intently. Don’t you feel the same? Measuring the soul, measuring the God Himself, experimenting with them and presenting 1000+ papers at a single conference are soon to become questions of a few years, the cutting edge of science. Science has so much creativity.

For all that I believe people are indeed creatures endowed with ability to stay humane. Although this ability for some mystical reasons shows up only on the verge of catastrophe.

Don’t you feel these days that something dangerous is hovering over this world?

We anticipate. That’s why we are screaming for change, that’s why we turn back to thinking on some lazy winter evenings. Anticipation is very deep in our nature. And we should take advantage of it. Or it will be too late.

Take a look at the book Religion and Education in Europe to get details on modern religious education.

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