Hacking Education Follow-Up

Hacking Education event took place in NYC yesterday and got together leading thinkers (list of attendees) to have a conversation about the future of education. The discussion around this event was in the limelight on Twitter, tagged #hackedu.

Brief summary of event was written by @fredwilson who made this event happen.

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Full transcript of event will be available soon to grab our attention.

Now I want to share a few thoughts on the topic: what I have noticed during the Twitter discussion:

  1. Ideas are not new. But there is still lack of awareness of the changes that happen in education and changes that have to be made.
  2. Education is still considered in context of technology. 200 years ago it was industrial technology, today it is information technology — anyway it is the second nature. Education is still far away from the “first” nature. A few more decades and it will be too late.
  3. The purposes are unclear. Education goes much deeper in us than we can imagine: as we talk about education we tend see only personal purposes, the purposes of education in terms of an individual human. But the challenge is to build global education system that will educate society — 7 billions of unique individual. What is the purpose of global education?

Something stops us from thinking globally on a regular basis. I hope events like Hacking Education will help to change this situation. The clock ticks on.

Leading photo by USV found at Union Square Ventures

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