Slumdog Bullshit

If you love “Slumdog Millionaire” movie read the following post slowly and carefully.

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What I feel for this movie isn’t just admiration, it’s mad love.
                     Peter Travers. Rolling Stone magazine.

This film picked every emotion out of me…. It truly is a fantastic film!
                     Tara, Manchester, UK, in comments to Times article

I was absolutely blown away by the movie.
                     ram, Hyderabad, India, in comments to NY Times article

How dangerous and poisoning are such glossy fairytales. Movie industry is a giant business of trickery. Who thinks about it between coke and pop-corn? Who thinks about those children who weren’t chosen after casting? Who thinks about their feelings? About their faces when yesterday’s friends with whom they’ve shared reality and dreams returned to the Mumbai as the proud of nation? I think about their cries, the bitterness inside, the unfairness, “if only they had chosen me”. From the other hand, maybe they have no idea of success at all. But producers had for sure. They act only when they are sure of the success. And it is scary.

You go to the cinema to relax, to get some inspiration, to meet friends, to see something worth seeing. You don’t think about producers, who smoke jewelery cigar you are not dreaming of, who do their job providing you with inspirations on a regular basis. You have been tricked too. Everything is calculated in advance there. You are target audience: a few bucks added to proceeds. Almost everything about you is already anticipated, predicted, estimated and optimized. The movie was made for Oscars. Exactly 8 Oscars. It was made to afford an opportunity for producers, directors, actors to put a label on themselves “a director of Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire”, to raise the stacks, the royalties for upcoming movies. Maybe for an upcoming Centurion also produced by Christian Colson. Many people have no idea of this trickery. That is sad.

Mumbai heroes. Poor children. They have been at US. At Hollywood. At Oscars. At Disneyland. They have returned. They have got a new homes. What a lovely people sit in Indian government. They didn’t know that children live near sewers. What a pity. Now they are living a dream. Of course: “they brought laurels to the country”. For so many years Bollywood was struggling to complete with big brother (since 1913). And now recognition is finally obtained. Who’s to remember that Columbus was heading to India? That America has something indian in its roots. Maybe Slumdog children are? How long will it take for them to recognize that this dream is a bullshit? How soon we will see ads starring them? What do you think will be the first product to advertise? Noodles? Or Snickers? Or Coke? Oh Lord!

Of all Hollywood guys Billy Wilder undoubtedly has the most trenchant wit. I visited him during filming a movie about Lindbergh, who first flown over the Atlantic non-stop, “The Spirit of St. Louis”. Jimmy Stuart is standing at the wheel. Airplane model is swung against a storm, one kind of machines throw the snow, other make the wind. Billy Wilder talks: “Look! And that is called a movie! What are you seeing here? False Lindbergh, false airplane, false sky, false storm and false snow… And what it gives on the screen? It gives false Lindbergh, false airplane, false sky and false snowstorm!”
                     Translation from La Nuit Sera Calme by Romain Gary.

Sir Salman Rushdie about Danny Boyle:
In an interview conducted at the Telluride film festival last autumn, Boyle, when asked why he had chosen a project so different from his usual material, answered that he had never been to India and knew nothing about it, so he thought this project was a great opportunity. Listening to him, I imagined an Indian film director making a movie about New York low-life and saying that he had done so because he knew nothing about New York and had indeed never been there. He would have been torn limb from limb by critical opinion.
I think such movie would simply be banned in US.

What about kids with their uncritical perception of reality who will see the movie and believe all these cheap tricks?

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Will they think that slumdog with a million is different from slumdog without one?

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Do you think the film was made with Oscars in mind? I don’t think so. I do think it is one of the very few films in the century of cinema that has won oscars for good reason. It is impossible to make a film about something without reaction.

Oh by the way, stop giving out about the film if you are not doing anything about it.

Mark Twain once said: “Everybody talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it.”

Dave, let me recommend you an antidote: give yourself a couple of
hours to watch People I Know movie.

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