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Rethinking Education Pt.16: Test Infected Schools

If you want to loose control over something, automate it. Todays education is following the path of automation. Abundance of computers, ebooks, digital classrooms, tests etc. is good for automation. However I would argue its value for education. It is the question of quality vs. quantity. We prefer quantity. Because it can be calculated, compared, [...]

Iranian Election And Democracy Paradoxes

I have written some critical thoughts on the situation a couple of days ago. As the story unwinds I would like to talk about its two components – two paradoxes, one of democracy and one of generations. First, democracy is on stage. Well, where else can it be? Peaceful revolution for the better life. There [...]

Iranian Election Brainwashing?

Twitter stream for #iranElection is updated with hundreds of messages per second. Hysteria is activated: investors, movie makers, engineers, writers, firefighters, dog-trainers, CEOs, taxi-drivers, new-born babies, astronauts, doctors and so on are shouting out loud. They want revolution. Just signed up american “iranians from Tehran” post their first 100 tweets via specially setup anonymous proxies [...]

Information Is A Food

We consume information. We consume food. Analogies are suggesting themselves. Too much information leads to obesity Too little information leads to emaciation Low-quality information leads to indigestion High-quality information requires effort Too much same information leads to surfeit Unreasonable consumption leads to disease “Fast information” is a huge business “Brain obesity” is a common disease [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.15: Who ‘s Got the Game?

Look at There are so many people who write about education day after day. Diversity of visions, diversity of purposes, diversity of lives behind this information flow, diversity of stories told. And now I am sitting at my desk blocked up with write-only pieces of paper, phone numbers without names, pens, wires, books on [...]