Rethinking Education Pt.15: Who ‘s Got the Game?

Look at There are so many people who write about education day after day. Diversity of visions, diversity of purposes, diversity of lives behind this information flow, diversity of stories told.

And now I am sitting at my desk blocked up with write-only pieces of paper, phone numbers without names, pens, wires, books on machine intelligence, and trying to put my own drop into this ocean.

Writers bend over backwards to capture stranger’s attention for a few moments. And me too.

Some of us work in schools and share everyday experience, some hated school years ago and now want to make change for their children, some are fluent in digital media and push the hot topics, some develop technologies that make them speak, some just love kids, some make money out of everything and education too, some are official representatives who’s work is to write posts, some are mad, some try remember every forgotten thing, some want power for the ego, some are true experts in their fields who have time, some believe that we can save our future. All we do write something categorized under “education”.

But some of us do not write. Do not speak on public. Do not share anything with anybody. Do not save the planet. Do not go 2.0, 3.0, or X.0. Do not rethink anything aloud. Do not shift paradigms over the coffee. Do not lead.

Nobody knows about them. Nobody cares about them. But they got this game.

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