Rethinking Education Pt.16: Test Infected Schools

If you want to loose control over something, automate it.

Todays education is following the path of automation. Abundance of computers, ebooks, digital classrooms, tests etc. is good for automation. However I would argue its value for education.

It is the question of quality vs. quantity. We prefer quantity. Because it can be calculated, compared, digitized, stored, retrieved, analyzed and so on. Numbers are our frame of reference. And it is efficient in many areas. But let us not reduce everything to numbers.

With successful test results as the ultimate goal of education the role of teacher gradually devaluates to the level of pipeline operator. Pipeline operators are good, ceteris paribus, but noone of them is directly responsible for the outcome.

How would you like a school where nobody is responsible for the education?

And the majority of schools we have today are like that. It maybe hard to recognize this fact through the veil of worries and “challenges”, ecology, future, financial crisis and other cliches designed exactly for the purpose of blinding everybody. At the same time if we would ask ourselves “who was the person responsible for my education?”, what will we answer?

Einstein once said: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”. I suspect mankind is now trying to make education exactly that simpler, with tests.

Tests that are same for everybody, for each “unique child”. Tests thats value for the life a student will live decades after are more than vague. There is fraud here.

Nature evidently will take the command — few will win and other will loose, history repeating. We are being told a chronic fairytale about perfect world, where human rights will not be owned be organizations of human rights protection, where freedom and equality won’t be political tools. Perfect world that is only a several bucks away, a several votes away, a several lives away.

People who make decisions, who have power, speak to us about the future we are together dreaming of, about education that will lead us to that future, education that will teach our children to be humans.

And this is paid education. And they are forcing test infected implementation of the dream. And they justify it by the means of revenues and employments.

Are we moving too fast to see that all these mottos are expressed in dollars?

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Reminds me of the McNamara Fallacy

Thanks for pointing me to your article.

I agree, opposite extreme is by no means good.
Still something tells me that we will get into this extreme.

Problem, as I see it, is the following: people whose todays
job is to reform or transform of retransform etc. education
won’t feel results of their decision on themselves, so they
literally can do anything they like.

There will not be any direct “suicide”, but there be well prepared
“suicide” for next generations and, we know, nobody really cares
about next generations.

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