Robots Will Have Souls

Humans make humans and it is supposed that these new humans have souls. Few years will pass by and humans will be making comparably intelligent robots.
Will robots have souls?

I think they will.

To my mind, what is traditionally called a soul is not a thing, but it is an ability. Soul is the ability of one to translate world order at some level recognizable by others.

Soul is not a thing, if it is a thing than it must procreate, because number of soul-owner grows. How do souls procreate? It can be said there is a single soul of the world and this single soul is being translated by various organisms of various complexity.

When humans make new humans, they make organisms that inherently possess same level of complexity and same translational capabilities. When humans will make new robots everything will be the same.

“Will we have a right to push a button that will switch off robot soul?”
Do we have a right to push buttons, pull triggers, that switch off human souls?

“For many people today robot soul is something impossible, unthinkable.”
For conquistadores of XV-XVI centuries Indian soul was something unthinkable.

“But we have created these robots — why shouldn’t we command them?”
We have created our children — why shouldn’t we enslave them?

Einstein quote comes to mind: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

But the bitterness is the reasons that make us create robots. Major two are easy: money and power. Everything else, as healthcare, is rather a cover than a reason.

Tragicomedy: science is guided by the desire to have mechanical slaves.

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I was doing a lot of thinking about this last night, and I agree with you.

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