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Starbucks Lost in Translation

In Moscow there are several Starbucks stores. But they are translated into Russian and the magic is gone. You know, in Paris there is a Starbucks on Champs-Élysées. I once was there and was very much confused. Imagine: a Russian tourist in France goes to American coffee store, Korean assistant says with American accent: “Bonjour [...]

There Ain’t No God for Dogs

Outstanding song by Milla Jovovich:

If You Believe They Put a Man on the Moon

If you believe there’s nothing up their sleeve Then nothing is cool Words by R.E.M. Actually this post is about first pregnant woman on orbit. Have you heard about her?… Me too. But let us think for a moment and we will see that any theory of space settlement will break against reproduction. Many words [...]

Quote for discussion

Taken from the blog of Stephen Law: Even though they’re soldiers and know killing is part of their responsibility and duty, a number of them come to me very bothered about it…Our challenge is to assure them that what they are doing is morally acceptable from a Christian perspective and a patriotic one. Major Eric [...]

On the Future of Text

Immediate understanding – that could be a fair description of a goal behind many texts. Actually, if we look at the textual part of Internet, not mentioning structured markup and functional elements, we will notice interesting facts. For example, now we are more and more convinced that attentional span is constantly decreasing, and we are [...]