Quest for Longevity

Is it really so important to live a few years more? I personally don’t believe that governments spend quite significant amounts of money on aging research just for the sake of peace. It can’t work that way.

It is expected that by the year 2030 number of adults older than 65 will double. And it means, as I see it, that the cult of youth will be even more strong by the year 2030 than it is today. I could imagine many people will be dreaming of being Dorian Gray. Many are already doing it with plastic surgery and pills. But it is now called “improving quality of life”.

Equilibrium is lost. Population keeps growing, the amount of goods keeps growing, but goods are becoming more and more concentrated in hands of a very narrow society. This society is becoming progressively older but it struggles to keep the goods with itself. I think it is degenerating and the only thing it can offer to the world is its own disappearance.

Anyway it won’t happen tomorrow, tomorrow another thousand of mice will be killed in the name of science, in the quest for longevity. Well, if there is a balance in this universe, I think there must be some parallel world where mice carry out experiments on scientists without turning a hair.

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Hmm.. so what? What is the next action?
We need resources-centric economy (like Jacque Fresco said), The Venus project?

Living is cool. Balance? True stuff.
Personal interest versus community interest versus humanity interest.

Any reason for people to think as gods? To keep overall balance instead of pleasant life for one, two… ten men.

only questions…

In political sense it seems to me that space of next actions is very narrow.
If we imagine that a world is a running train, then all practically available actions
are only about tuning the chairs – never about choosing the route.

And this is not of much interest for me. Simply because I do not know anything
about real intentions and reasons of political choices.

Today I prefer thinking in terms of single human (esp. myself) thrown in this
world of controversial questions.

ok, i see one possible way to fight the world.

It is to have a baby, then to have a second one,.. the third.. the eighth..
And do it as earler as possible.

As for me, it seems i am about to reach the line :-)

As for others, i think we should claim:
No career, family first!
No lie, just true love!
Politicians, force us to make children!

It is a good way to get rid of the world at all :)

The slogan of this post seems to me sounds like this: “Got retired – die already! You are in the road of youth!”

Actually, “Got retired – die already..” could be a relevant short name for
human resource management on a large scale (a big picture of it). And
cult of youth is a myth created to get some sort of control over those who
are not among youth.

The case is not in the term of “youth”. I meant it at wide range.

Modern consumer society dies out. Pursuit of personal profit is at the head of lifestyle. That is the system when simple reproduction becomes a problem. That’s why “S.L.” is absolutely right.

Notice that population of developed countries remains its level due to the members of other nations.

And what is on the mind of this new blood of Western Civilization, I wonder?

I agree with you. Developed countries are a colossus with feet of clay,
Plan of golden billion will not work in a long term, partially because
simple reproduction became a problem.

I personally don’t know what is “new blood of Western Civilization”,
maybe it flows in those who crosses the sea on fragile boats in a
desperate attempt to join western civilization.

As for me, I don’t really care about civilization.

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