Best Before 1900

If it could be possible to label shelf life recommendation on the ideas I would put “Best before 1900” on the idea of progress.

Progress is historically associated with society. In XX century mankind finally had its chance to see society in action.

No earlier century has witnessed as much killing. Population increases provided more people to kill; technological developments provided more efficient means to do so; and expanding media coverage informed more people about such killings and horrors as the century proceeded.

From An Age of Progress? by W. G. Moss

John B. Bury

When I look at the portrait of John Bury, author of a classic work The Idea of Progress: An Inquiry into Its Origin and Growth written in 1920, I feel the presence of Victorian XIX century, colonial prosperity, steam ships, nobility, respectable people having time to dream ideas. This image has very little in common with XX and XXI centuries.

Yet silver-screens are still talking to us about progress and taxes to pay for it. Minds are in the grip of western thinking, or western religion if you will, a working model of control, but its shelf life is over it seems.

Society that consumes spoiled control model will go out of control at a certain time. And when it will happen simply replacing the control model will not fix anything, because problem can never be solved at the level it appeared. Upcoming debates at UN Climate Change Conference on CO2 emissions and other topics will probably confirm above statement.

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