Question of Convictions

People convinced of something were always attracting my interest. Sometimes I felt kind of envy, sometimes curiosity. Because the way they have found their something was always obscure. There were times I thought there is no “way” at all, that people are just born with it. Or without. Me without. I was never convinced of anything. Convictions scare me. Most appalling tragedies of XX century were connected with convictions. But most striking scientific achievements were too.

Convictions look good on the third hand. They simplify the appearance. I guess they may help in focusing all the efforts on something. But the price can be high. And the oddest thing is the you can easily overlook the price.

The question stays on: should I have any convictions at all? Maybe humanness should be one?

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Well, all is quite simple for me at this point. To move forward I should accept something to be under the feet. The difference is for how long. Till the first fault, i think.
Conviction is a tool. Remember Galileo Galilei and the Inquisition.

Another thought, conviction is a powerful tool (and dangerous). One should be carefull with it. First of all, be honest with oneself. In case of fault, one way to fight the issue is to rethink personal convictions.
(Oh, superb human nature, i enjoy it!)

I definitely agree that one should be careful with convictions.
But there is a large degree of uncertainty in word “careful”.

There are at least two options: “don’t let it fail” or “fail fast”.
And once again I agree that distinction between two is a question
of self honesty.

In software development I would prefer “fail fast” but in life sometimes
I feel the temptation to procrastinate conviction testing itself.

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