About the Blog and Author

There were times when I was thinking quite seriously that everything has its mission. I believed that I should do something for the future, for the planet and so on. With this in mind I have started to write this blog about problems and, most of all, about education.

After writing a dozen of articles and spending cetrain time to read others and to communicate, I've not only concluded that education is designed to produce a failure, but furthermore I've concluded that it is Ok.

This whole situation has very clear and very strong reasons. And these reasons have nothing to do with creativity, talent, paradigms and other fashionable concepts constanlty appearing today in education related discussions.

While I still greatly respect Sir Ken, his work and brilliant presentations, I have become convicted that educating humanness has nothing to do with schools.

From time to time I continue to write about education, however trying to put away those pathetic and moralizing ideas that were written down in first posts.

Today I write seldomly - at times when something makes me think. And I no more think of any missions.