Prepare For The Crisis

Should we feel secure and comfort? As being said among analysts, the worst lies ahead, many layoffs will be occurring all around after the New Year – in January and February. Even Google is said to layoff. Are you ready for this? Are your friends ready for this? Day after day TV shows people already [...]

How to Overcome Distraction

Distraction is a serious and world-wide problem. Office distraction especially. Not only it makes thousands people feel unsatisfied when it comes to answer “what have I accomplished today?” question, but also it is a hit to overall business performance – because huge amounts of critical time are being constantly lost. Somewhat less often talked about [...]

Basics of Evaluation Process

Peter Drucker said: Taking action without thinking is the cause of every failure When it comes to decisions, I think, making decisions without evaluation is the cause of many failures. You can’t control the things you can’t measure. The ground truth. Once you have started a project, which goal is more than a waste of [...]

Human Essentials Forgotten – Suffering

Unfortunately, suffering is in the intrinsic part of a human. Yet this fact is somewhat forgotten today and especially in business. It is ridiculous when someone stricken by a food poisoning endures pain just because she is afraid of being treated as a fake. It is even more ridiculous when employee cannot stay at home [...]