General Problems

Old and New Old

There were times I felt I have something to say and that was enough to start speaking. Today, looking back at everything I’ve written here regarding education, I see that it worths nothing, there were no work behind these words, no experience, no life, no vision, no passion, nothing but an illusion of “something I [...]

We were nobodies

Someone in the mirror who was more real than was I. Someone at the cafe who had more coffee to drink than words to speak. Someone on the street asking for the rain to wash the world away. Someone in the bedroom who can’t sleep because life goes on without him. We were nobodies.     Photo [...]

Time Transfixed

Strangely, when I look at this painting, it reminds me of “zero vanguard” – cosmonaunts who were involved in experiments before 1961. Time Transfixed. RenĂ© Magritte, 1938

Malcolm will return shortly…

Paris Culture I heard some people were really surprised to discover Malcolm McLaren genius beyond Sex Pistols. If only we could open our eyes more often. Maybe then we could learn to appreciate good people before they are gone.

Question of Convictions

People convinced of something were always attracting my interest. Sometimes I felt kind of envy, sometimes curiosity. Because the way they have found their something was always obscure. There were times I thought there is no “way” at all, that people are just born with it. Or without. Me without. I was never convinced of [...]