Health Care

Quest for Longevity

Is it really so important to live a few years more? I personally don’t believe that governments spend quite significant amounts of money on aging research just for the sake of peace. It can’t work that way. It is expected that by the year 2030 number of adults older than 65 will double. And it [...]

Information Is A Food

We consume information. We consume food. Analogies are suggesting themselves. Too much information leads to obesity Too little information leads to emaciation Low-quality information leads to indigestion High-quality information requires effort Too much same information leads to surfeit Unreasonable consumption leads to disease “Fast information” is a huge business “Brain obesity” is a common disease [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.9: Kinesthetic Literacy

Do you remember your first physical education lessons? I don’t. And I know why — I haven’t learnt anything from it. Teacher said “run” and we ran. Teacher said “chin-up” and we did it. Teacher said “play volleyball” and we started playing. There was no learning by any means, all these years. There was training. [...]

Why Don’t We Live Longer

Current life expectancies in developed countries are about 77-83 years (source). Although it is being talked a lot about gerontology, transhumanism and even immortality, and much critics received on these topics, I would like to talk about a different things that are to my mind very important for being life-long healthy human. To begin, I [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.5: Educating Health

There are healthy people in the world, frankly.  Living healthy is the skill. This skill is learnable like any other skill. Why don’t we teach it all over the world? Is it less important than maths, biology or history? In recent years great movement had started to encourage children to live healthy: Team for Kids. [...]