6 Stages Of Personal Development

I am! I will be! I could have been I was I will never be Mm.. I don’t remember!

Applying 80/20 Rule to Education

Here is my list: 80% of real-life situation can be successfully handled based upon only 20% of the knowledge we acquire at schools. 20% of world’s educational institutions obtain 80% of financing. 80% of all innovations in education are implemented by 20% of schools. 20% of subjects get 80% of teachers. 80% of teachers’ attention [...]

Test Your Personal Power

A little bit of weird humor today. Very simple system. You can implement it or just imagine. Let’s say you enter the crowded place and talk to the first person who comes along. Say something like this: “Hi. I want to completely change your beliefs“. Here are possible reactions that determine your personal power: “No. [...]