Productivity: What Do We Really Want?

Do all the people who write about productivity want to change me? Or do they want me to change? Can hardly believe. They do not care about me. What they care about is them. But why I still do read all this articles, tweets, books, emails, blogs, messages, listen to talks, discussions, conferences, podcasts, watching [...]

How to Overcome Distraction

Distraction is a serious and world-wide problem. Office distraction especially. Not only it makes thousands people feel unsatisfied when it comes to answer “what have I accomplished today?” question, but also it is a hit to overall business performance – because huge amounts of critical time are being constantly lost. Somewhat less often talked about [...]

Health Care and Future of Internet

What do you expect from the future web in context of health care? Do you use Internet to assist your health care? Trying to answer these questions I made some analysis of existing points of view. I would like to share the results. There is a plenty of existing health care and tracking resources. But [...]