Rethinking Education Pt.10: How To Change The World

How to change the world choking with human-made problems? I often hear smart people talking about terminal decisions, about physical elimination of “bad companies” and certain people. They believe that it will change the world, that the end justifies the means. That we have to shed blood over this paradise on Earth. What a terrible [...]

Who Wants Economic Stability?

Today, while working on a robotics related article, I found myself thinking on “Why the hell they are talking to us about economical stability we do not want?” We, I mean people who try to learn from the life, do we want a stability? I claim, we do not. Living in Russia, the developing country, [...]

Productivity: What Do We Really Want?

Do all the people who write about productivity want to change me? Or do they want me to change? Can hardly believe. They do not care about me. What they care about is them. But why I still do read all this articles, tweets, books, emails, blogs, messages, listen to talks, discussions, conferences, podcasts, watching [...]

Prepare For The Crisis

Should we feel secure and comfort? As being said among analysts, the worst lies ahead, many layoffs will be occurring all around after the New Year – in January and February. Even Google is said to layoff. Are you ready for this? Are your friends ready for this? Day after day TV shows people already [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.1: Do We Have a Problem?

Millennium Developmental Goals atlas published by World Bank lists achieving universal primary education as the most important goal after eradicating poverty and hunger. In the next 30 years, according to UNESCO, the global education system is about to be under a significant pressure. More people will be educating then the whole number of educated people [...]