Rethinking Education Pt.12: One More Dimension Please

Good thing about different dimensions is that they do not complete with each other. It is meaningless to compare body temperature with colour of the eyes or with the language one speaks, isn’t it? And it is meaningless to deny multidimensional nature of things. But we do. Imagination and reasoning are different dimensions. Creativity and [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.11: Days of Discovery

We own our discoveries. Discoveries stay while perceptions are already gone. Understanding is always a discovery. We value years of experience because we implicitly (or explicitly for some HR people) feel that probability of discovering and understanding the things increases with years. I remember one mathematical analysis lecture where professor told us the truth: he [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.6: Learn From Nature

In the talk at Apple Education Leadership Summit Sir Ken Robinson revealed some quite important numbers. (Watch the video at Edutopia.) Let me share it very quickly. There was a divergent thinking test carried out three times with a same group of children as they were growing up. The numbers show the percentage of kids [...]

Creativity, Fear and Comfort Zone

Few thoughts, that literally are changing my life these days. The fear has status of comfort zone. When we try to overcome fear, our subconscious mind resists. It resists because fear is a habit formed by years started in the very childhood. We are OK to have fear. It became very natural. The fear to [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.2: It Is Not a School, It Is a Factory

Sir Ken Robinson changed the way many smart people think about education, its purpose and its problems, with his books and famous “Do Schools Kill Creativity” talk on TED. What we often have today is not schools – it is factories. The demand for factories replacing schools was voiced some time ago in top billionaire [...]