Rethinking Education Pt.19: Reading for Children

Rethinking Education Pt.18: Dullness Against Genius

What is the probability that a randomly selected newborn child will become genius? What is the probability that a randomly selected genius will commit a suicide? Society that minimizes the chances for genius is probably a doomed one. Determinancy and algorithmic behavior are expected of educational system. But when everything is planned there is very [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.17: Laptops with Built-in Classrooms

Over recent years much effort in area of primary and professional education was directed at equipping classrooms with newest technologies: new laptops, networks, software. There were also efforts to equip classrooms with teachers who have necessary skill to operate effectively in new environments, and much more attention should be paid to these efforts. Because through [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.16: Test Infected Schools

If you want to loose control over something, automate it. Todays education is following the path of automation. Abundance of computers, ebooks, digital classrooms, tests etc. is good for automation. However I would argue its value for education. It is the question of quality vs. quantity. We prefer quantity. Because it can be calculated, compared, [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.15: Who ‘s Got the Game?

Look at There are so many people who write about education day after day. Diversity of visions, diversity of purposes, diversity of lives behind this information flow, diversity of stories told. And now I am sitting at my desk blocked up with write-only pieces of paper, phone numbers without names, pens, wires, books on [...]