American Teachers Talk

This video is 2 years old. But if you go today to an average school you will quite probably hear the same story. The schools that are different are very rare. The people who are to implement innovative educational ideas are very rare. And very often it is the question of money. What for should [...]

Hacking Education Follow-Up

Hacking Education event took place in NYC yesterday and got together leading thinkers (list of attendees) to have a conversation about the future of education. The discussion around this event was in the limelight on Twitter, tagged #hackedu. Brief summary of event was written by @fredwilson who made this event happen. Related posts included “How [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.14: Laptops And Digital Teachers

It is not about technology at all, don’t be surprised. Let me share with you a dirty little secret about laptops: laptop is a personal space. And to my mind it is even more important than all communicational and other capacities altogether. What we do at schools is we deprive kids of their personal spaces. [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.13: Religion And Education

I have a tricky question for you: when transforming education should we also transform religious education? How about bringing in more creativity, more freedom, more revolutionary ideas, innovations, radical rethinking and paradigm shifts? What do you think? Share your vision, please. (I sincerely wonder what Sir Ken would answer.) Our system of public education is [...]

Recent Education Related Links

A few links about education. Worth looking at. Sudbury Schools: Rethinking Education, for a Change – great post and thoughtful discussion Rethinking Schools – publisher of educational materials Creativity is Dead, Ken. . . – clever critics on teaching creativity in classrooms A Question of Creativity – another discussion on creativity in classrooms Education Reform [...]