Quote for discussion

Taken from the blog of Stephen Law: Even though they’re soldiers and know killing is part of their responsibility and duty, a number of them come to me very bothered about it…Our challenge is to assure them that what they are doing is morally acceptable from a Christian perspective and a patriotic one. Major Eric [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.15: Who ‘s Got the Game?

Look at education.alltop.com There are so many people who write about education day after day. Diversity of visions, diversity of purposes, diversity of lives behind this information flow, diversity of stories told. And now I am sitting at my desk blocked up with write-only pieces of paper, phone numbers without names, pens, wires, books on [...]

Answering Davos Question

“What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place?” The Davos question. Meaningless one indeed. Because nobody who’s got those mystical knobs and handles that can make a world a better place will ever care of my miserable thoughts. “Countries and companies should disappear, [...]