Rethinking Education Pt.17: Laptops with Built-in Classrooms

Over recent years much effort in area of primary and professional education was directed at equipping classrooms with newest technologies: new laptops, networks, software. There were also efforts to equip classrooms with teachers who have necessary skill to operate effectively in new environments, and much more attention should be paid to these efforts. Because through [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.16: Test Infected Schools

If you want to loose control over something, automate it. Todays education is following the path of automation. Abundance of computers, ebooks, digital classrooms, tests etc. is good for automation. However I would argue its value for education. It is the question of quality vs. quantity. We prefer quantity. Because it can be calculated, compared, [...]

American Teachers Talk

This video is 2 years old. But if you go today to an average school you will quite probably hear the same story. The schools that are different are very rare. The people who are to implement innovative educational ideas are very rare. And very often it is the question of money. What for should [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.7: Basics Are Out Of Date

We are educating ourselves in outdated context, for many years. What is context? It is a set of principles we act and think within. E.g. “education requires graduation” or “education is learning subjects”. We do usually not think about it. And I think there is a very complex problem. The context is now out of [...]

Rethinking Education Pt.2: It Is Not a School, It Is a Factory

Sir Ken Robinson changed the way many smart people think about education, its purpose and its problems, with his books and famous “Do Schools Kill Creativity” talk on TED. What we often have today is not schools – it is factories. The demand for factories replacing schools was voiced some time ago in top billionaire [...]